8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

8 Easy Ways to Add Romance to Your Honeymoon

8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

On the heels of an eventful wedding, the honeymoon is a time for couples to relax and spend quality time together as newlyweds. While simply traveling to an exotic destination can be enchanting in itself, planning a truly romantic getaway takes some extra effort. Check out these easy tips to plan a honeymoon that's filled with passion from beginning to end.

Arrange a Private Picnic

Pack a picnic just for the two of you in a beautiful location, whether it be a secluded beach, hillside, or vineyard. Be sure to bring along some food items that you both love to eat. Also, include a bottle of wine or champagne and make a toast to your new life together as a married couple.

Candlelit Dinner

Make reservations for a private dinner in an unforgettable setting. Many top restaurants even feature private dinners under the stars, in private cabanas, or on the beach.

For instance, Capische Restaurant at the Hotel Wailea Maui offers an exclusive private dining experience that many guests find irresistible.

Through the restaurant's interactive Il Teatro service, diners get a personal chef to create for them a specialized menu of gourmet cuisine and wine tasting — all served in a private dining room.

Spend the Day in Bed

Take one day to sleep in and just be together in the confines of your hotel room or property. Order room service for breakfast and then pick out a movie that you both have been craving to see for a while.

Keep in mind that many couples have the tendency to overplan activities during their honeymoon, leaving them exhausted and not in the mood for romance.

Plan for at least one day of your trip to just unwind in the comfort of each other's arms.

Couples Massage

Relax side by side in your very own private beach cabana or massage suite as you both indulge in an invigorating massage treatment. For those first-timers, this is also a great way for those individuals to feel comfortable receiving a massage. Choose from a number of proven techniques, Swedish Massages, Sports Massages, Deep Tissue Massages, or even Lomi Lomi.

Add Custom Touches

Set the mood by adding custom touches throughout your honeymoon. Candles are always a great choice and can be placed in the bedroom and bathroom. Rose petals, lingerie, champagne, chocolate, and music are also ideal ways to keep the passion strong throughout your trip. If you can't pack certain items, see if your hotel can be of assistance.

Give Daily Presents

Little presents each day will be a constant reminder of your love for one another. As for ideas, consider writing a personal message or love note for your spouse and surprise them with it sometime during the day.

Get them their favorite bottle of wine, plan an “impromptu” picnic, or buy a meaningful memento.

Just remember, it's not about how much the present costs, but rather the thought, meaning, and effort that counts most.

Take a Bath

For many couples, simply relaxing together in a bath or Jacuzzi is often at the top of the list when it comes to romantic experiences. First, be sure to request a room that has a hot tub or Jacuzzi large enough for two adults.

Then, put some champagne on ice, light candles around the room, add rose petals, play soft music, and enjoy some favorite treats chocolate or strawberries. Be sure to add some extra touches such as bath salts and soaps, too.

Watch the Sunrise

For a most memorable and romantic experience, get up early and watch the sunrise from a unique location. Whether it's a sandy beach or majestic mountaintop, it's moments these that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Hold hands, share a kiss, and reminisce about all of your new experiences so far together as a married couple.

Source: https://www.travelersjoy.com/blog/2011/07/8-easy-ways-to-add-romance-to-your-honeymoon.html

L’amour A Local With These Romantic Things To Do In Paris

8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

There are some spots in Paris that take romance and magic to another level: secret garden courtyards, whole museums dedicated to love itself, views of the sunset over Paris’ rooftops, rarely visited centuries-old mansions where you can steal a kiss in a deserted ballroom….

Life in this city feels magical. I’ve spent time in Paris in many states of mind and relationship statuses – completely in love, utterly heartbroken, smiling on magical adventures with friends and quietly appreciating everything on beautiful days where it was just me and my headphones.

In all of these conditions, Paris always feels romantic, surprising, inspiring and never quite real.

So here’s my personal list of the most romantic things to do in Paris when you’re in town with your lover, if you’ve met someone special in the city of light or if you just want to feel that extra special brand of Paris magic all on your own.

1. Sip Rosé At Hotel Particulier

Source: https://www.hostelworld.com/blog/romantic-things-to-do-in-paris/

7 ways to make your honeymoon extra special | Her World Singapore

8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

Heat up your honeymoon nights with these sultry nightwear that’ll drive him wild – and yes, this is totally the time to be a little extra and bring a different set for every night if you want to! On his end, get your man to get new briefs to amp up the fun, too! 

#2 Set the mood

If you’ve booked a honeymoon package with a complimentary turndown service, great. If not, ask your hotel concierge if they’re able to arrange for a romantic turndown before you return to the room for the evening.

Alternatively, consider packing little personal touches chocolates and candles, then setting up a playlist filled with soft music for a night in. 

#3 Do something adventurous/exhilarating

If both of you are up for it, indulge in an activity that gets your heart racing a little! Studies have shown that experiencing adrenaline-pumping activities help bring two people closer (plus amps up arousal and attraction for later in the bedroom). Besides, doing something your comfort zone also gives you a special memory to look back upon. Or if that’s too much for either of you, plan an activity that’s more toned down but still new to the both of you.

Image: soloway/123rf.com

#4 Be spontaneous

Naturally, you’ll have an itinerary and a list of must-see attractions, but there’s no need to follow it to a T.

Injecting a little unpredictability into your trip gives it more excitement – going on a road trip or getting recommendations from other travellers and locals when you’re at your destination. Who knows, you might stumble upon something that’ll give you an unexpectedly incredible experience! 

#5 Plan downtime

You don’t want the most distinct memory of your honeymoon to be of you running from place to place. Avoid over-planning! Plan to do one (or two at the most) touristy things each day, then spend time just hanging out in a quaint cafe, or even soaking in the tub. Your honeymoon should be relaxing, not stressful!


Image: kzenon/123rf.com

#6 A couples’ spa session 

And when you’re tired out from all the activities, don’t forget to book a pampering massage for two, be it at the spa or right on the beach. Alternatively, you can bring a bottle of your own massage oil and give each other massages in the hotel room… and see where it leads to! 

#7 Sneak in a surprise

While the both of you probably worked on the planning together together, a little surprise will add excitement and romance to the trip (a private dining experience or picnic under the stars, anyone?). Or you could prepare a small, meaningful gift for your sweetheart. Your spouse will really appreciate your ultra-sweet gesture, too. 

#8 Put that phone down

There’s plenty of time to have your nose buried in your phone (not that we’re encouraging it), but your honeymoon isn’t it. This is the time to enjoy and be in the moment, have fun, laugh, and create wonderful memories together. On the other hand, remember to take plenty of photos

Photo: Tim Stief/Unsplash

#9 Catch the sunset (or sunrise)

There’s something wonderfully romantic about watching the sun dip into the horizon and seeing the sky awash in a plethora of colours, especially at a unique location.

It wouldn’t be too difficult if yours is a tropical resort getaway, but otherwise, do a quick search for the best places to watch the sunset in your honeymoon destination of choice.

Hold hands, cuddle and share a kiss as you bask in the magic of the moment. 


Source: https://www.herworld.com/weddings/ideas-advice/7-ways-make-your-honeymoon-extra-special/

Top Ten Tips a Groom Must Know

8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

Traditionally the groom’s responsibility includes a short and easy list that covers the basics from planning the honeymoon, hiring the band, handling the wedding day transportation and so on.

And for the groom, that is where the “Wedding Planning” responsibilities USED to end! However, as many of you are already finding out, that isn’t the end, and we have listed a few things to consider and to keep in mind to make your PRE-WEDDING life a bit easier and HAPPIER.

This list may not apply to everyone, but we are sure that it will keep any groom the doghouse and more importantly, having these top ten tips a groom must know should keep your fiancé thrilled!

From here on out in the wedding planning process you should know that:

You SHOULD be happy and more importantly, OFFER to be involved in the planning of your wedding.

More times then none your new bride will say; “Thank you honey, but I have it all under control” but knowing you offered and knew what to do will set you far above the bar that is set by those men who never think to ask or don't want to help.

Not only should you offer help, but go one step further by drafting up your engagement announcement! (For help go to: http://www.bwedd.com/cebride/cebnewsletter_95.asp) You should also make a list of family, friends and co-workers you would to invite.

Stay organized by starting a spreadsheet with names and addresses of guests. (, email & phone numbers do not count.) Help also by working out a wedding budget with your fiancé, and offer to call vendors to set up appointments. Taking this positive role in planning the wedding will most ly help your fiancé handle the stress that comes with planning such a big event.

Yes, we know most of you hate shopping. But you are expected to go with your fiancé to register, and yes this is a big deal and yes it will take hours. What helps is to make a day of it. Plan out where you are going to avoid sales or crowds and then plan to have lunch together and enjoy getting ready to set up this new life together.

Keep in mind the gifts are free, so enjoy this! Register for things you would never splurge for yourself and keep an open mind, you can always return it should you decide you will never use that ice cream maker and glow in the dark snack trays. Also, keep in mind that once you have the major stuff down, most stores allow you to add items online.

This makes for a much easier process.

If you don't think you need any household items, then register for something you need…YOUR HONEYMOON! this is a great way to get the trip you want and any extra can be rolled into your next trip and even the one after that!

You need to know that you’re not inviting your ex girlfriend to the wedding, and it is not appropriate to even ask. (Ok, Mr. Geller?)

You need to remember that YOUR mother is not in charge of planning the wedding! Make sure you are there to make a great BUFFER for your new bride. She is planning this big event and keep in mind that she is hearing thousands of demands, thoughts and opinions making her nuts. Keep anyone from ruining this wonderful time for your new bride.

And NO, referring to your wife as the future as the “Old Ball & Chain”, Cell Mate, Prison Warden, Captor or anything that refers to her as someone who is ruining your life stopping your life or killing you is not funny.

We know that this may be one of the last things you want to do, but research dance classes and then suggest to your new bride you both should consider taking a dance lesson or two! She will be thrilled and you will be happy on your wedding day when you are dancing in front of a huge crowd that you managed to not to tear her dress off by stepping on it with your two left feet! Think about what you want to dance to and then tell her that you’re already thinking of what songs will make a great first dance and/or even other songs you think the band or DJ should play.

Plan a surprise for the reception fireworks, special music, write her a poem and read it to her in front of your guests, a special new gift, surprise her by bringing pictures of a relative that has passed away to the reception, look up love quotes or sonnets and read them to her.

  • Write special & endearing notes to your father-in-law and mother-in-law, thanking them for everything they’ve done, especially for creating the most amazing woman in the world.
  • Have the Best Man deliver your bride a special gift and breakfast the morning of the wedding.
  • Bring her home flowers just because you love her so much and appreciate everything she is doing to make this the best wedding ever!

Nobody wants to stuff the invitation envelopes or pick up the favors or return duplicate gifts, but if you offer to do it as a team it will lessen the stress on her and you.

You need to make sure someone is planning her bridal shower. DO NOT ASSUME. (You don’t need to be involved, but keep an open ear to make sure someone has taken the lead and planning is underway.

) Be sure to offer to help surprise her or take her to the party.

You need to understand how stressed your fiancé is with planning this wedding and nicknaming her bridezilla is, although funny and maybe a little true, it is hurtful.

Understand that women are dreaming of their wedding day from when they are little girls, to women, this day needs to be flawless and exactly as she imagines it.

Help her to understand in a nice way that nobody will notice that the shade of pink is slightly off on the cake, and that all the butterflies didn't fly away in unison when released, doesn't not matter as much as the rest of your life together.

Keep reminding each other to keep your eye on the whole, and that in the end you'll have a great time with each other.

In order to pick a honeymoon that is important to both of you, create a list that helps you understand what you both want this adventure and trip of a lifetime.

Do you want ocean front villas, does TV matter, do you want a butler, your own private plunge pool, do you want nightlife, tours, sightseeing, watersports, golf and anything else you need to know to PICK where you want to visit! The more you know about you both want, the better you will be at choosing a location that will make you both happy. For examples of a wish list, please see our honeymoon wishlist under “Honeymoon Tips”.

I know you don't need to worry about being romantic anymore…she said YES, but you're wrong. If being romantic does not come to you naturally, then start researching it now! If you think you wont need it on your honeymoon, in your first year of marriage and for the rest of your life, you are dead wrong. Romance is not about money, it is about thoughts and actions.

If you take a little bit of time to see what is out there to help you, I think you will be thrilled to find so many useful items that will be so important to creating a lifetime of memories and great moments. Look over the Honeymoons.com “Top Ten Must Have Romance Travel Products”. Purchase 1001 Ways to Be Romantic by Gregory J. P. Godek from Amazon.com.

This book will set you in the clear for months.

  • Light a candle and draw her a bath.
  • Leave a note for her inside her purse.
  • Make her lunch for the day.
  • Fix her coffee and bring it to her in bed.

You should know now that sex on the wedding night is most ly not going to happen, and NO, this is NOT a “preview” to your sex life for the rest of your life.

HOWEVER, if you know this going in you can take the pressure off, plan for a late checkout and enjoy a nice late morning with each other.

Avoid AM flights, avoid making early plans to meet anyone, ask for a late checkout and just plan on waking up late together if you have that extra time.

Here is where you have to fight the urge to be cheap. Remember that this is the one time in your life that you're going on a honeymoon, and it should be spectacular.

Remember Romance, Relaxation, Adventure, Paradise and Pleasure. Spend some time on Honeymoons.

com reading about great locations, great tips, great places and decide where you should go to have the best time ever! As the groom this becomes your task, and we want to remind you to:

  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Find a travel agent you trust! Make sure your flights all work and all your time lines and reservations are correct! There is nothing worse than planning to romance you new wife on an island, only to realize you arrived to the dock after the only boat left to take you to your hotel…ON THE ISLAND!
  • KNOW YOUR DESTINATION. Know where you are going and know what you plan to do when you get there. Nothing is worse than thinking you are going somewhere where all you want to do is lay on the beach, only to find out the beach is too rocky to use. Or plan a trip to sightsee, only to get to your hotel and find out there is nothing to see.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU BOTH WANT. Understand before booking what you each expect this trip. Don't wait to get there to see what you both want to do!

Source: http://honeymoons.com/honeymoon-top-tens/top-ten-tips-groom-must-know/

Let love rule: romantic things to do in Chicago

8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

Chicago is a city full of possibilities and that goes for romance, too. 

If the weather is not completely Arctic, nothing beats a scenic stroll hand-in-hand along the city's beautiful lakefront path with the skyline behind you and the future just ahead. Afterward, get close in an alcove at the one-of-a-kind The Darling.

Or soar above the city day or night on the Navy Pier Centennial Wheel. Explore Ravenswood together, a Chicago neighborhood that makes a fine setting for a day and night of love.

 For a romantic getaway in the heart of the city, Hotel Julian offers the Cultured and Cuffed package inspired by Chicago's famous couples.

The city is rife with new attractions beckoning couples: The Gwen's Curling Cabin and Rink encourages you to try a sport together and sip hot toddies. Come by in summer when the experience transforms into a glamping tent.

Housed in a restored 1902 factory, Aire Ancient Baths  Chicago offers a multi-sensory journey via ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman bath experiences – leave the cell phone behind. Live jazz fans will appreciate Le Piano, a listening room featuring intimate performances every evening; delicious bites and bubbles.

Cast a spell at The Magic Parlour or discover your partner's taste in music at Dorian's, a record shop/60's inspired music lounge hybrid, with sharable tiki cocktails and bar snacks, a happy-go-lucky choice for a romantic night. 

Photo courtesy of Dorian's

Music and romance are lifelong partners. That's why Dorian's, a new Chicago record shop/60's inspired music lounge hybrid, with sharable tiki cocktails and Asian inspired bar snacks, is a brilliant choice for a light, romantic night.

Michelin starred chef Brian Fisher promises globally inspired cuisine and creative cocktails in the lounge: try short rib banh mi; chicken bao; mushroom won tons; or charcuterie and cheese.

Order a house cocktail Four Lovers or the I Don't Want No Shrubs; or a sizeable, sharable Spicoli (Plantation Three Stars Rum, Jager, Coconut Thai Banana, Vanilla, Pineapple) may get things rolling for the fast times.

You get to the intimate setting through the record shop which stocks hand-picked selections from personal collections, online record marketplace, and local partners Chicago label International Anthem. The record shop features over 600 records equipped with a listening booth with turntables and headphones.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Couples can break the ice rifling through vinyl in the record shop, then share a big, boozy drink and delicious bites.

Jacky's expert tip: Stop in for happy hour specials, dinner and late night food service, Wednesday through Sundays.

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Photo courtesy of Harold Rail

The Navy Pier Centennial Wheel is the place for a romantic ride. Located right on Navy Pier, the entertainment venue and biggest tourist attraction in the city. the Wheel offers fantastic views of Chicago's skyline and lakefront (and it's quiet up there)! The wheel is 200 feet tall – 50 feet taller than the Ferris Wheel it replaced.

Step into one of the 42 enclosed, temperature-controlled gondolas (or, spend a few more bucks for a VIP gondola with plush seating and glass bottoms) and enjoy the view either day or night. There are also nightly LED light shows from the wheel's spokes and rim. Illinois residents who visit on Mondays between Nov.

1 and March 31 can take advantage of special seasonal pricing.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: It's an unusual way to see Chicago's lakefront and lights, and the view-filled ride can be romantic.

Jacky's expert tip: Weather conditions can sometimes close the Ferris wheel, be sure to check in advance.

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Photo courtesy of City of Chicago Photo Courtesy of Choose Chicago

If you've spent any time in a European city, you know that townsfolk don't park in front of the tv after dinner, they stroll, talking, walking, laughing, and hand-holding. Since we're Americans, we may feel the need to jog, bike or skate our way along the 18.

5-mile lakefront path, but it's beautiful and a lovely way to kindle romance. Expect congestion in the downtown area on summer weekends but it offers unmatched views any time of the year.

With the Chicago skyline on one side and Lake Michigan on the other, you'll spy some famous landmarks, including Buckingham Fountain, Navy Pier, Soldier Field, Lincoln Park Zoo and the Adler Planetarium.

The gardens and park near Northerly Island add more pastoral elements and dog lovers will want to stop by the beach near Irving Park Road. Who says love has to have a price tag?

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: It's Chicago's beautiful backdrop, it's free and can be a casual, unpretentious date.

Jacky's expert tip: For a great skyline view, sit on the rocks at North Avenue, or at a small peninsula between Belmont and Irving Park Road.

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Photo courtesy of Daniel Kelleghan

Hotel Julian's Cultured and Cuffed package is inspired by Chicago's famous couples. The Barack and Michelle Obama package is a date at The Art Institute (where Chicago's renowned couple had their first date in 1989).

Stroll through the fine Impressionist works or the Modern Wing, then it's a 10-minute walk back to Hotel Julian for an in-room champagne toast. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone met in a comedy writing class here in 1998.

Choose the McCarthy and Falcone romance package and receive tickets to Second City and pre-show cocktails at About Last Knife (ALK), the modern steak bar adjacent to Hotel Julian's lobby.

The legendary architect of the Atlantic Bank Building where Hotel Julian now stands, Benjamin Marshall married Elizabeth Walton in 1905. There are two exclusive experiences inspired by the couple including an Architecture Center package and another with VIP access and private tour at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: For a romantic getaway in the heart of the city, Hotel Julian offers the Cultured and Cuffed package inspired by Chicago's famous couples.

Jacky's expert tip: When booking, request one of Hotel Julian's contemporary, well-appointed rooms with picturesque cityscape and Millennium Park views.

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Even the name, Ravenswood, sounds something a dreamy English novel and the Chicago neighborhood makes a fine setting for a day and night of love. Take a cocktail class at KOVAL Distillery, Chicago's first distillery and sample organic whiskey, liqueurs and specialty spirits.

Entertain your creative spirits at Chicago Glass Collective blowing glass, constructing a coaster or many other projects. It's BYOB, too! Take a dance lesson at Ballroom Dance Chicago (after all, you might need it for the first dance at your future nuptials).

The much-lauded Band of Bohemia is perfect for a sophisticated dinner with amber lighting that makes everyone look great; or for some of the best Neapolitan pizza in Chicago, head to Spacca Napoli. Playful daters should visit Redline VR, a virtual reality (VR) arcade bar.

Book a couples massage and lovely room or suite at The Guesthouse Hotel.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Ravenswood, a destination neighborhood, retains old Chicago charm and is vibrant with a Bohemian bent.

Jacky's expert tip: Craft beer fans will go for Dovetail Brewery or Spiteful Brewing and who doesn't love the biscuits and sweets at Bang Bang Pie Shop.

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Photo courtesy of The Gwen

The Gwen's winter terrace is a sweet place to snuggle, try curling, nosh, sip warm adult bevvies and cozy up by the fireplace. The wood-paneled Curling Cabin is on the fifth floor of the property complete with an outdoor porch, Adirondack chairs and a swing seat for two.

Inside, choose a table or lounge in the living room area that sports a fireplace and faux furs to drape upon your chill. The iceless Curling Rink gives couples a chance to try their hands at the curious winter sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target.

Admission for The Gwen Curling Rink is $25 per person, which includes a choice of one cocktail and 30 minutes of curling playtime. Even if you don't curl, enjoy an Alpine-inspired menu and winter cocktails including large-format hot cocktails mulled wine and hot buttered rum.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Sparkling lights and wintry tunes set the scene for a romantic ski chalet experience.

Jacky's expert tip: The Gwen's outdoor terrace, Curling Cabin and Curling Rink are open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. In the warmer months, book the luxe glamping tent.

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Photo courtesy of Michael Brosilow

Enter the diminutive ballroom tucked inside the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel and get ready for The Magic Parlour starring Dennis Watkins. You're escorted from the grand Palmer House lobby through the hotel to a private showroom. Pick your glass of wine and sit cabaret-style with only 44 seats ensuring plenty of interactive magic and mind-reading.

Chicago's longest-running magic show is a fun night out for couples (cocktail attire is recommended) amid the romantic nostalgia of the Palmer House. It's full of cheeky humor and plenty of how-did-he-do-that moments courtesy of the third-generation magician. Tickets are $79 each and include beer, wine and soft drinks served during the performance.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Love is all about magic, smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand – right?

Jacky's expert tip: Consider pre-booking a prix-fixe Magic Menu at Lockwood Restaurant & Bar, inside the Palmer House, before or after the show for The Magic Parlour ticket holders for $41 per person, all-inclusive.

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Photo courtesy of Jakob Layman

The Darling is a kitchen and bar, speakeasy-style lounge and a gathering space for dancing the night away.

The elegant hideaway is disguised as a flower shop (an homage to the neighborhood's flower markets of old) but hidden behind burgundy velvet-draped windows as seen from the street on Restaurant Row, is a night full of surprises.

There's European-focused food, classic and creative cocktails, expert service, whimsical decor oddities and periodic, novel performances throughout the evening.

The Library (downstairs) is ideal for date night with an intimate, quiet and romantic atmosphere; hundreds of vintage books; antique paintings; Persian rugs; and nooks to nibble small plates and sip cocktails. You won't be the first one to think “Downton Abbey” gazing upon the English manor-style furnishings. Upstairs in The Ballroom, it's all about spinning chandeliers, celebrating, dancing and socializing with a lively crowd.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: There's nothing else it in Chicago offering surprising pop-up performances, European bites and cocktails served in antique glassware.

Jacky's expert tip: You'll get the full experience evenings Thursday – Sunday between 7 pm-10 pm when both areas are open. Performances normally begin around 8 pm.

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Photo courtesy of AIRE Ancient Baths

Housed in a restored factory circa 1902 in River West, Aire Ancient Baths Chicago offers a multi-sensory journey via ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman bath experiences. The signature bath experience includes six thermal baths including a hot bath, ice and cold plunges, a warm pool, saltwater flotarium and a jet pool.

The hot and cold plunges boost circulation, promote flexibility, may enhance immunity and provide a nice endorphin rush. Kind of love. The Red Wine Bath Experience for Two submerges you two love birds in antioxidant and polyphenol-rich Spanish red grapes followed by an hour-long massage with grapeseed oil.

If it's possible to chill any more, get to the relaxation area to loll on warm marble stone and sip a selection of teas.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: There are spas galore in Chicago, but AIRE provides a physical and mental melt you can only get in Turkish hamam or ancient Rome.

Jacky's expert tip: Here's your chance to “Be Present” so leave the cellphone, chatter and ideas of Instagramming this sensual, relaxing experience behind.

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Photo courtesy of Phillip Tawanchaya

Inspired by the Latin Quarter in Paris, Le Piano's interior design, including massive French windows overlooking an East Rogers Park cobblestone street, and dimly lit ambiance plus a deep wine/ Champagne list set the mood.

Solo artists perform Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights; Tuesdays are Cabaret shows with visiting vocalists; Fridays and Saturdays launch with solo cocktail piano and then jazz quartets entertain until midnight. Sunday brunch is accompanied by jazz trio and evening brings a vocal and piano duo.

In addition to tables for two, seating options include “Booth 1” accommodating up to 14, a more intimate Sinatra booth, the chaise or a century-old wagon that seats a communal dozen. The menu includes French-inspired appetizers, small plates, and one bite desserts.

Small plates could be tartlets with pesto and goat cheese; New Zealand lamb chops; and French chicken thighs.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Music loving lovers will appreciate the bohemian listening room featuring intimate performances every evening; delicious bites; and bubbles.

Jacky's expert tip: Le Piano charges a Salaire d'Artiste (aka a cover charge) which is $5/person added to the final bill.

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Source: https://www.10best.com/destinations/illinois/chicago/attractions/romantic-things-to-do/

Fall In Love Again With Partner – 8 Tips For Boring Relationships

8 Ideas to Make Each Moment of Honeymoon Special for Your Bae’

A sad, universal truth: Every relationship will hit a point when the fiery excitement of “the beginning” fades and things feel a little…well, boring.

Your brain and body simply can't sustain the adrenaline-fueled butterfly feeling for years and years (and it's a lot less sad when you accept that).

But losing the luster doesn't mean you're destined for misery—you can (CAN) fall back in love again.

Think about it: When two people first get together, they put a lot of effort and energy into making their partner happy and their twosome flourish. But as time passes and you get more comfortable with each other, it's easy to become passive.

“Relationships grow stale generally because the couple avoids confronting the issue.”

“Relationships grow stale generally because the couple avoids confronting the issue,” says Franklin Porter, PhD, a psychotherapist in New York.

That means, then, that falling in love—or back in it—is an intentional act. And while no one half of a duo can make things perfect, you can definitely do your part to refresh your relationship when things go meh.

Here's exactly what to do to fall in love again:

1. Do something to make your partner's life better

Since you're the one reading this article, you may be looking for ways to feel closer to your S.O. rather than doing things for someone whom you feel a little detached from. But, stay with me: Since “love” is a verb, “when you lead with action, your heart tends to follow,” says Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, a psychologist in Philadelphia.

“Plan something unexpected, doing one of their chores or making them a nice lunch,” he says. Doing so reminds your brain that this person is important to you—and seeing their “Aww, thanks babe” reaction will ly make you feel all giddy again.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth fell back in love after a hiatus. Peep their relationship timeline:

2. Spend time away from each other

It sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes when things get a little moldy, you need some separation to rekindle the spark. I don't mean jet-setting across the country for a month—but giving yourself the time and space to be your own person.

“When two people feel their relationship has gone stale, it may feel to them as if they've grown apart,” says Stephen Snyder, MD, a sex and relationship therapist and author of Love Worth Making. “But very often the problem is that they've failed to grow as individuals, apart from one another.”

Your fix: Pursue a hobby that your person has no interest in, a cooking class or hot yoga. “This gives your partner a chance to truly see you as the 'other,'” says Dr. Snyder, which can help them see you with fresh eyes.

3. Ask yourself what they need

Sometimes when you feel disconnected from your partner, the issue isn't a lack of passion but rather a presence of resentment. That comes from a place of you feeling a victim and them, a perpetrator.

So take a minute to assess what they're going through and what their particular needs may be (in the moment, and in general), says Gillihan. Are they hungry? Exhausted? Do they need to be embraced?

These questions may be especially effective to ask yourself during an argument, which tend to happen more when you've hit the relationship doldrums. “Then see if there's anything you can do to meet that need,” Gillihan says.

Just doing something nice for them, responding to their needs can help them feel closer to you—in turn, making you feel closer to them and helping you fall in love again.

Note: If this exercise is a real struggle for you—perhaps because of longstanding fights or issues—it might be a good idea to see a couples therapist, who can help you work through your needs together.

4. Spend more present time with them

Even if you live with your boyfriend (or husband, or girlfriend/wife), chances are, a lot of the time you spend with them is occupied by other things—emails, kids, TV, phone calls, etc.

But disconnecting from the world around you to truly be with your partner can help you feel the feels again, because it reminds you that, above all else, you two are a team (not two people who connected for no real reason).

One half of this equation is leaving work at work and setting your phone down to spend quality time with your person, Porter says. The other half is a skill you may have forgotten about as your relationship took on a long-term status: listening.

“Spend some time talking together in a different way,” says Snyder. “One talks, the other just listens. As the listener, see if you can stop yourself as much as possible from merely formulating your own responses. Instead, just listen.”

It may feel a little strange at first to be so intentional about your daily conversations, but that means you’re doing it right, says Snyder. Everyone wants to be heard. And “that strangeness is where all the good stuff happens.”

5. Have silly time together

Speaking of strangeness, it's super important for people to be able to shoot the sh*t with each other and just kick back and have a goofy grand time.

In fact, research shows that couples who laugh together often have happier relationships and stay together for the long haul.

Try to check yourself when you get annoyed with your other half—did they really do something that bugs you, or can you just laugh it off? And poke fun (in a kind, loving way, obvi) at both them and yourself, in order to keep things light. Just you did during the early days.

6. Stop and notice your S.O

When you’re dealing with the daily grind, it’s easy to check out and glaze over the person next to you. Sure, you see them every day, but are you really seeing them? Paying more attention to who they are and what they do can help you fall back in love.

“Noticing your partner, complimenting his or her appearance, or making random gestures of appreciation, will make the other feel more attractive and desirable, and ly increase desire,” says Porter. In other words, bring back some of the flirty texts and extra-long stares you shared when you were first dating, and they'll ly do the same.

7. Take turns planning surprise date nights.

Sometimes all it takes to help you reconnect is scheduling a date night—no kids, no friends, just the two of you. To make it more fun, Porter suggests taking turns planning the evenings and keeping the details under wraps.

“Agree that you'll both be totally open to the other’s idea of a date for the evening,” says Porter. That way, you each get to take part in the surprise and get excited about planning something special—and you both get the opp to do something you actually want to do.

8. List the ways your partner has made your life better

Relationships are sort of ice cream: They're addictive and delicious in the beginning, but eventually, they lose their appeal. That's because when you get used to something good, you tend to take it for granted.

So to fight that, “spend 15 minutes writing down all the ways in which your life has been changed for the better by this person,” Gillihan suggests. “Include little things, 'He did the dishes last night,' as well as bigger ones, 'She taught me that I'm unconditionally lovable.'”

“Spend 15 minutes writing down all the ways in which your life has been changed for the better.”

Reminding yourself of every asset your partner has added to your life will make you appreciate all the time you've had together and feel newly excited about all the good times that are still to come.

If that doesn't give you the heart-eyes emoji feels, you may want to consider that visit to the therapist's couch…

Source: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/relationships/a19934105/fall-in-love-again/