Question: Why Are My Games Locked On My Ps4?

Is Gameshare permanent?


No, as long as they aren’t logged into your account for the reason stated above.


It violates the ToS and Sony can permanently ban you at any time for gamesharing..

How long does a PlayStation account stay locked?

My Sony account is locked To protect your security, your account will be locked for 120 minutes.” After waiting 120 minutes, make sure the Caps Lock or Num Lock on your keyboard are not interfering with the way you are entering your password.

Can other users on my ps4 play my games?

Registering your PS4 as your primary system will allow other users who play on the same console with different accounts access to any games you’ve downloaded without you having to log in. … You do not have to connect to the Internet or pay any usage fees to play used games.”

Why are my digital games locked on ps4?

We already explained why your account can’t play the games you purchased. It’s because: 1) Your account is a master account on someone’s elses PS4 . 2) PSN is down so it cannot recognize that a sub account has purchased games therefore it completely locks them out.

Why are my games locked on ps4 after game sharing?

The account with all the games bought on needs to be activated as the primary but sony will lock you out if you change it too often.

Can you get banned for game sharing?

EDIT: to address your second update, consoles and accounts can both be suspended or banned. … If it is found, both console and account are banned on the first offence. People complaining about being banned for sharing games with their friends have most likely publicly admitted to giving their friend their login details.

Did Sony stop game sharing?

The feature is not really “game sharing”, it’s just being able to access your games on another PS4 by logging in online. Sony promoted this feature before launch, it was a stricter change from the PS3 days when there wasn’t a log in requirement at all.