Question: What Is SL Short For?

What does TL mean in texting?

Talk LaterTL means “Talk Later” or “True Love” or “Team Leader” So now you know – TL means “Talk Later” or “True Love” or “Team Leader” – don’t thank us.


What does SL mean in bikes?

super lightsl is super light. which means nothing to be honest, just lighter than the orginal. 0.

What is a Si number?

The International System of Units (abbreviated SI from systeme internationale , the French version of the name) is a scientific method of expressing the magnitudes or quantities of important natural phenomena. There are seven base units in the system, from which other units are derived.

Why do we need SI units?

The SI system is important in science and technology because it provides a consistent and coherent system of units for all physical quantities, derived from a few base units. This means that you do not need to use any sort of conversion factor between different units;.

What does the abbreviation SI stand for?

Système internationalThe International System of Units (SI, abbreviated from the French Système international (d’unités)) is the modern form of the metric system.

What is SL in work?

P.L. stands for Paid Leave. PL is encashable and could be carried over to next year. … S.L. stands for Sick Leave. These Sick Leave employees can claim after they take leave, this will not be encashed but it will be carried forward to next year.

What does SI mean in mental health?

Common terms and abbreviations in clinical filesTerm/abbreviationMeaningRPNRegistered psychiatric nurseSADSchizoaffective disorderSECUSecure extended care unit – locked mental health inpatient unit which provides rehabilitation and treatment, often long-termSI/SHSuicidal idealation/suicidal harm40 more rows

What does SL stand for in Spain?

sociedad limitiadaThe two main legal forms that the Spanish SPV may adopt is either a limited liability company (“sociedad limitiada” or “SL”) or a public limited liability company (“sociedad anónima” or “SA”). Both entities have a number of differences worth noting: SL.

What is the full form of SL?

Sleeper Class (SL) is one of the most common coach on Indian Railways. Sleeper Class (SL) has seats to sit as well as berths provided for sleeping. Sleeper Class price is more per passenger compared to Second Sitting (2S). We have found 4 more results for SL. Sierra Leone.

What does SL mean in medication?

Pharmacy AbbreviationsAbbreviationMeaningSCsubcutaneousSLsublingualss.halfstat.immediately1 more row

What does SL mean in roleplay?

SL = Storyline. Your whole reason for being in RP to begin with. These are your interactions with another, or several characters.

What is SL in nursing?

SL. Sublingual. Medical, Pharmacy, Diagnosis. Medical, Pharmacy, Diagnosis.

What is BD stand for?

AcronymDefinitionBDBelly DanceBDBis in Die (Latin: twice a day)BDBreak DownBDBusiness Development136 more rows

What does TDS stand for?

Total dissolved solids in water.

What is full form of ASL?

ASL. In chat abbreviations ASL is short for age, sex, location, a common abbreviation used to find out pertinent information about a person you are chatting with.

What does SL mean in slang?

So now you know – SL means “So Lame” – don’t thank us. YW! What does SL mean? SL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SL definition is given.

What does SL mean on snap?

Second LifeAbbreviation. Meaning. ***** SL. Second Life.

What does SL mean in school?

SL. Speech/Language. Disability, Disability Education, Special Education. SL.