Question: How Can I Check My Package On Telenor?

How can I get free balance in Telenor?

Telenor Free Balance Dial *949# – Free Internet Tricks | Facebook..

What is free on net minutes?

The terms ‘On-Net’ and ‘Off-Net’ are used to describe call or messaging types. … ‘Off-Net’ applies when the call or message is made on a different network, e.g. whilst you are roaming, or if you are using your home network and make a call or send a message to a number that resides with a different network provider.

What is Telenor call package?

Telenor Daily Call Packages Telenor addresses its customers’ requirements by offering attractive call packages. Telenor offers a number of packages ranging from Rs 5.5 to Rs 600. … ‘Telenor Din Bhar Package’ provides 100,000 free On-Net minutes including 20 MBs internet data.

How can I change my package in Telenor?

You can change your plan by choosing one of the following options:By calling number 123 (0,03 BGN/call), followed by selecting option 0 and option 4 “Change of plan“;By a free SMS to number 125 with text containing the name of the plan;More items…•

How can I get my Telenor postpaid bill?

You can receive your invoice through the following methods:Through email (to activate dial 345)Through SMS (to activate dial 345)Usage can be viewed via My Telenor App as well.

How can I make my own package on Telenor?

After you open Telenor app, Go to “My Djuice Offer” tab from the tab menu in the BOTTOM. 5. Here you can create an offer as per your requirement. You can save this offer so that you don’t have to make it every time and you can activate it with a single button.

How can I check my Telenor postpaid package?

In the My Telenor portal; By sending SMS to number 1000 (the price varies according to the prices for SMS under the respective postpaid plan).

Which Telenor package is best?

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle. Rs. 17.00 Validity: 15 DaysSMS: 800.5 Day SMS Bundle. Rs. 8.5 Validity: 5 DaysSMS: 300.Daily SMS Bundle. Rs. 4.78 Validity: 1 DaySMS: 240.Monthly WhatsApp Offer. Rs. 5 incl. … Weekly SMS Bundle. Rs. … Weekly Voice Offpeak Offer. Rs. … Haftawar Sahulat Offer. Rs. … Telenor Good Time Offer. Rs.More items…

How can I get 50 minutes on Telenor?

MechanicsTo Subscribe: Dial:*240#All Telenor subscribers are eligible for this offer.The subscription is valid for 1 day. Customers can make FREE calls on the day of subscription – till 12am.

How can I get free Telenor 2 hours?

Telenor Good Time OfferOnnet Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours.Internet 250 MB Facebook.Validity 2 hours.Dial *345*20# Error. Something went wrong.

Why postpaid is costly?

Due to these factors, companies keep postpaid plans a little costlier than prepaid plans. … Also, this ensures that only those users take postpaid connections, who are not extremely money-conscious in phone usage. As a matter of fact, average usage of postpaid customer is much higher than that of a prepaid user.