How Good Is Sprint’S Coverage?

What will Sprint merger mean for customers?

T-Mobile and Sprint promise a combined network that’ll deliver better service at lower prices.

They argue that their combined scale would help them build out a faster, more efficient network..

Is Sprint unlimited really unlimited?

The $60-per-month plan included HD video and LTE hotspot speeds. But that all changed on July 12th, when Sprint announced it would instead offer two different unlimited data plans. Sprint Unlimited Basic: You get unlimited data free of potential slowdowns until you pass 50GB of usage in a month.

Does Sprint charge for roaming?

Unless your plan charges for domestic data roaming, there is no charge. Sprint will automatically restore domestic data roaming at the beginning of your next bill cycle. … Sprint Network use includes use on the Sprint network, Extended LTE and Extended Coverage networks. Roaming use includes use on roaming networks.

What is happening with Sprint service?

If you are a customer of Sprint, watch for the Sprint brand to be absorbed by T-Mobile, which T-Mobile last year signaled would happen. In other words, Sprint subscribers will become T-Mobile customers, and the executives overseeing T-Mobile will lead the combined company.

Do Sprint and Verizon use the same towers?

Sprint simply has a roaming agreement with Verizon, which means that when your phone loses the Sprint signal completely, it will roam on the Verizon Wireless network.

Will the Sprint name go away?

We likely won’t see the Sprint name or stores disappear for the next few years. However, at some point, the Sprint name will go away, and there will just be T-Mobile with its combined network and customer base. In three years, T-Mobile’s commitment to keeping plan prices the same will be over.

Will Sprint coverage improve with merger?

Many Sprint customers may have seen improvements in service thanks to a roaming deal that allowed Sprint customers to connect to T-Mobile towers in areas Sprint had a weak signal. This is not directly related to the merger but does show what may be possible in the short term when the two companies work together.

Is Sprint Internet fast?

According to Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence data, Sprint has the slowest mean LTE upload speed of the four major carriers over the past 30 days, with an upload speed of 4.79Mbps. … Sprint’s super-fast network relies on 2.5GHz spectrum, which has very short range.

Is Sprint updating their towers?

For starters, Sprint is upgrading its cell towers with dual-mode Massive MIMO radios to provide both 4G LTE and 5G connectivity. … This means Sprint can cram 64 receivers and 64 transmitters onto one tower (the typical setup is 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 configurations), and simply switch on the 5G aspect in 2019. Related: AT&T 5G.

Do you get free phones when you switch to Sprint?

Switch to Sprint and get a free phone After 18 months of use, you can upgrade your model or buy the one you’re using. To own the set, you’ll have to pay the price at once or within6 months on a monthly payment basis.

Is Sprint cheaper than Verizon?

Sprint has the lowest prices among the four major cell carriers. Verizon has the highest. It’s easy to see that Sprint has lower pricing than Verizon—and affordability is definitely the biggest perk for choosing Sprint. At every level of service, Sprint’s unlimited plans stand at least $15 cheaper than Verizon’s.

Has Sprint coverage improved?

Main takeaway on coverage But the good news is that Sprint is working on it. The latest report from RootMetrics found that the company’s network had improved significantly in 2019.

Is Sprint really that bad?

Carrier Performance (33/40 points) For Sprint, it continues to be a case of good news/bad news when we test network performance. Just like in 2017, our latest LTE speed testing found that Sprint’s speeds are improving. The trouble is, it still lags the other major wireless carriers.

Is switching to Sprint worth it?

To be fair, Sprint’s service used to be notoriously terrible, but it’s gotten much better in the last few years. Nowadays, if you live in a city or a big suburb, Sprint will probably work fine for you. Still, for many people (especially those in rural areas), Verizon’s premium network will be worth the extra cost.

Which is better Verizon or Sprint?

When it comes to overall performance and speed, Verizon is better than Sprint — and any other carriers, for that matter. … Plus, Verizon has great customer service. Sprint can’t say the same about either. That said, where Sprint can beat Verizon is with lower prices and great perks included in many plans.

Is Sprint coverage as good as Verizon?

Verizon and Sprint speed and coverage There’s no question that Verizon has better speeds and wider coverage than Sprint—and everyone else. If you want reliable coverage and fast speeds across the country, then Verizon is an easy choice, regardless of the cost.

Is AT&T better than Sprint?

In the National Wireless Coverage Comparison 2016, AT&T beat Sprint in overall reliability. However, when it comes down to it, it all depends on where you live and what geographical area you usually move around in. AT&T is better in New York, Philadelphia, and Tulsa.

What will happen to Sprint customers after merger?

After years of negotiations and legal battles, Sprint and T-Mobile have finally completed their merger into a single carrier. … Sprint customers will still use a separate Sprint network, while existing T-Mobile customers will still use T-Mobile’s.

What carrier does Sprint use?

Sprint is primarily a CDMA carrier with GSM capabilities so to speak. Similarly to Verizon, Sprint only utilizes it’s partial GSM network for access to its LTE network, when devices are roaming, & traveling internationally.