Does GNC Drug Test Before Hiring?

What is the employee discount at GNC?

30-45 percent offThe employee discount is very generous, usually saves you 30-45 percent off products.

Opportunity to advance quickly and learn good work ethics..

Does GNC drug test their employees?

While not all GNC locations drug test applicants, GNC does have a policy that all applicants and employees are free from alcohol and drugs. This means that the company can test any potential applicants during the hiring process and can test current employees at any time.

Do hospitals drug test before hiring?

Sometimes a job applicant to the hospital will undergo a drug test prior to employment. In addition, many hospitals offer drug testing services to employers to secure workers’ compensation business following a workplace accident.

Does Walmart do drug test before hiring?

Yes, a drug test is required prior to employment. The testing is usually done at a local clinic that is assigned by the store you’re applying to. … Yes, they commenced drug testing before hiring new Associates.

Does Aldi drug test before hiring?

Do they background check after being hired too? You have to take a drug test to make sure you are able to be competent at performing your job.

Is working at GNC a good job?

Overall the job is simple and fun, but with any other job working with customers you have your good days and bad days. But you get a good discount on all of the products sold in the store. You educate people about health and fitness and what supplements is good to take.