8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

  1. 23 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Buy In 2020
  2. 1. Willow Tree Anniversary
  3. 2. Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set
  4. 3. OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships
  5. 4. GSM Brands Mr. and Mrs. 2020 Couples Kitchen Aprons
  6. 5. Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal
  7. 6. Matashi 24K Gold Plated Beautiful Happy Anniversary Double Heart Table Top Ornament
  8. 7. Luna Bean LARGE Keepsake Hands Casting Kit
  9. 8. Giftgarden Heart Shaped LED Light
  10. 9. JumwayMr and Mrs Coffee Mugs
  11. 10. Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples
  12. 11. Kissing Mugs Set
  13. 12. Groove Life Silicone Wedding Ring for Men
  14. 13. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker with 2019 Newest Digital Controls
  15. 14. Engraved Rock
  16. 15. Luxor Linens Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobe
  17. 16. King/Queen | Matching Couples Husband Wife Bridal Wedding Newlywed T-Shirts
  18. 17. T-fal C514SE Excite Nonstick Thermo-Spot
  19. 18. Mamre Moon Ambient Light
  20. 19. Kieragrace Collage Picture Frame
  21. Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Specially For Him
  22. 20. Engraved ‘To my Husband’ Pocket Watch
  23. 21. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker
  24. Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Specially For Her
  25. 22. Mr.Right and Mrs. Always Right Glasses
  26. 23. BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer with Recipe Book
  27. What Makes The Best Gift To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary?
  28. 8 unique wedding gifts every couple will love
  29. 50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas – Best Off-Registry Wedding Gifts
  30. 8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special
  31. 1. Old Havana plates
  32. 2. Suitcase set for the couple
  33. 3. Belgian waffle maker
  34. 4. Gift cards
  35. 5. Table lamp
  36. 6. Tickets to any event
  37. 7. Bedding set
  38. 8. Customized star map poster
  39. Things To Do On Your Anniversary That Are Romantic And Fun
  40. Is a Gift Necessary When Someone Remarries?

23 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Buy In 2020

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

A wedding anniversary is a special event. Celebrating it helps relive that beautiful wedding day. You can make every wedding anniversary of your’s memorable by gifting your spouse something that they will cherish.

We know how difficult it is to pick that one gift for your spouse. Hence, MomJunction has carefully selected the best wedding anniversary gifts so you can make this special day all the more memorable.

1. Willow Tree Anniversary

Remember all the times when you felt bogged down and dejected, and a simple hug from your spouse comforted you and assured you that they had your back? This hand-painted resin figure stands for the love and support you share in your relationship. It is a promise to your partner that you will always be there to support them. The enclosure has “Love ever endures” written on it. Willow Tree has more such figures sculpted by renowned artist Susan Lordito suit your choice.

2. Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set

If both of you dig the idea of spending a date evening with wine and cheese, you’ve got to look at this amazing board and knife set. This bamboo cheese board is water-resistant and moisture-proof. It comes with a stylish sliding drawer to hold four stainless steel knives. The bamboo handles are smooth and easy to grip. This set is designed especially for cheese lovers.

3. OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships

Sometimes you are so busy with your work that making time for your partner becomes difficult. In such situations, it is easy to feel disconnected from your partner.

But this relationship card set might help solve that for you. This card set contains various interesting questions that you may not have asked your spouse yet.

It is a great way to get to know your partner better and build a bond of trust and intimacy.

4. GSM Brands Mr. and Mrs. 2020 Couples Kitchen Aprons

If both of you enjoy cooking, having an apron set is a must. And a quirky apron set this one makes it even better. This set contains a pair of aprons in two colors. The black apron has “Mr.Est.

2020” printed on it for him, while the white apron has “Mrs. Est. 2020” printed on it for her.

These aprons are made from a mixture of polyester and cotton and come with adjustable straps to fit most couples.

5. Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

When speaking your heart out becomes difficult, writing can come to your rescue. This love journal comes with incomplete sentences that you have to complete for your partner. These sentences are about all those little things you about your partner. This beautiful hardcover book is an excellent way to communicate your love.

6. Matashi 24K Gold Plated Beautiful Happy Anniversary Double Heart Table Top Ornament

This classic gift of two intertwined gold hearts symbolizes companionship. Made of 24K gold and studded with crystals in the center, it is a beautiful reminder of your togetherness. It comes with a stable base and can suit any room décor.

7. Luna Bean LARGE Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

The warmth of a partner’s hand can be reassuring and comforting for anyone. This joining of hands can be captured and kept for life as a symbol of togetherness.

This DIY keepsake hands casting kit comes with a molding material to carve the hands of couples. It is a fairly straightforward process and can be done by you.

It comes with an instructional video to guide you through the process.

8. Giftgarden Heart Shaped LED Light

If you are looking for a simple but meaningful gift, this glass heart on roses might be what you want. The heart comes with a message written on it and lights up. The hand-painted polyresinrose base adds to the beauty of the keepsake. This figurine can be placed on the bedside table, bookcase, or coffee table or used as a cake top decoration.

9. JumwayMr and Mrs Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug is the safest bet for a wedding anniversary gift. This pair of mugs come with “Mr” and “Mrs” engraved in gold. Made of high-quality ceramic, the mugs stand out from other mugs in the market. Each mug comes with a matching lid and spoon and has a unique pattern. It is dishwasher safe but should not be used in a microwave.

10. Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples

While trying to keep up with life, making a living and fulfilling responsibilities, couples often tend to forget the things they always wanted to do together.Thus, a journal makes a perfect anniversary gift.

You can list down all the activities or experiences you wish to share with your partner. You can mention the date by which you wish to complete the task and can mark it as done once completed.

This way, both of you can work towards achieving your couple goals.

11. Kissing Mugs Set

We are sure you have not seen a mug set as cute and unique as this one. Shaped as human faces, it looks a couple locked in a kiss when placed together. The red and white color theme makes it all the more romantic.

Its chip-proof design is microwave and dishwasher safe. The set also contains two matching spoons and comes packaged in a stunning gift box. And what’s more, the mugs are made of vegan and cruelty-free New Bone China.

12. Groove Life Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

Long gone are the days of gold or platinum wedding ring. This new silicone wedding ring is designed for comfort and style. It comes with a patented design and is customizable—the ring can be as unique as you want it to be. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

13. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker with 2019 Newest Digital Controls

Barbeque time means quality time with friends and family.As a couple, you two can buy a grill smoker as an anniversary gift for yourselves. This grill is fueled by wood pellets to get that much-loved fresh woody taste. This grill comes with an integrated cleaner that easily drains hot grease.

14. Engraved Rock

Don’t you think your feelings for your spouse should be engraved on a polished stone? This glassy black rock comes with a special message engraved  on it in gold. It is a palm-sized rock that your partner can carry anywhere with them. It is a great way to express your feelings for your partner.

15. Luxor Linens Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobe

This set of two  bathrobes is a very personal and intimate gift. Made of pure Egyptian cotton,each light weight bathrobe comes with kimono collars and two front pockets. Its soft and absorbent texture keeps you warm and cozy. You can add a custom embroidered monogram to the front part of the robe. This set comes packaged in an elegant gift box.

16. King/Queen | Matching Couples Husband Wife Bridal Wedding Newlywed T-Shirts

We’re sure the thought of wearing matching clothes have crossed your minds as a couple. It is a cute idea to flaunt the fact that you two belong to each other. This t-shirt set comes with “Mr” and “Mrs” printed on the front of the respective t-shirts and the image of King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts printed on the back.Made of cotton, these t-shirts are soft and shrink-proof.

17. T-fal C514SE Excite Nonstick Thermo-Spot

After spending a good year together, the life of a married couple often tends to revolve around cooking. Spouses discuss food more often than they talk about anything else. For a foodie couple, this cookware might be the perfect anniversary gift. Its non-stick interior is durable and scratch-resistant. It is dishwasher- and oven-safe and comes with a heat indicator.

18. Mamre Moon Ambient Light

We believe the most romantic keepsake on this list is this soft ambient light.It looks a full moon with a couple snuggling under it. It can add a warm glow to any room. The light intensity can be adjusted to three levels to suit your mood. It comes with three decals containing different messages so you can pick what best suits your relationship.

19. Kieragrace Collage Picture Frame

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This picture frame can help pen your love story through a series of your best photos. It comes with the words “A True Love Story Never Ends” attached to it. It helps to revive some old memories of your personal love story. The picture frame with black plastic borders and front glass can hold four 4×6-inch photos.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Specially For Him

Still looking for a gift created especially for him? Have a look at these gifts most suited for men.

20. Engraved ‘To my Husband’ Pocket Watch

Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs.And it is essential you remind your hubby of how much you still love him. This classy black pocket watch comes with a chain. It has the message “To my Husband, I Loved you THEN I Love you STILL, Always have, Always will” artistically engraved on it. Each time your hubby sees the watch, he will be reminded of you.

21. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

If he finds functioning difficult without his hot cup of coffee, why not gift him a coffee maker? Keurig’s coffee maker can make lattes and cappuccinos too.

It can be conveniently cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher. Apart from different sized coffee mugs, it can also fill a travel-size mug so your husband dear can get his coffee shots anytime he wants.

The set includes a coffee maker and a milk frother.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Specially For Her

Wondering what can make your wife feel special? Here are some gifts you can consider for her.

22. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Glasses

A few years or even months into the marriage and almost every husband learns that his wife is indeed “always right”. This pair of wine and beer glasses further emphasizes the universal truth. The beer glass has “Mr. Right” printed on it, while the wine glass has “Mrs. Always Right” written on it. This set also comes with a bottle opener.

23. BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer with Recipe Book

If she loves cooking and wants her dishes to look Insta perfect, this spiralizer will help her create attractive and yummy dishes. It is convenient to use and saves a lot of time.  It helps to make long ribbons of spaghetti, fettuccini, and so on. The parts are easy to separate and wash in a dishwasher. The hard bristle brush that comes along with the package helps with the cleaning.

What Makes The Best Gift To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary?

With every year that passes, your relationship passes a milestone, and you get to know your spouse more intimately. When looking for a gift for your partner, you can look for something that represents your feelings for each other—something that has meaning behind it. The gift becomes even more special when nobody else understands its significance except your partner.

You can opt for a traditional anniversary gift a jewelry piece or keepsake, and personalize it with a handwritten note or drawing. Or you can even buy a regular item such as a mug or pen and engrave a message or print an image that will remind your better-half of you.

No matter what you select for your spouse, when given with love, it touches the heart and becomes a memorable gift. These are our favorite wedding anniversary gifts. Do let us know which gift you d best in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: MomJunction may earn a commission when products are purchased through affiliate links given in the article. However, this partnership does not influence the editorial content featuring in our list.

Source: https://www.momjunction.com/articles/lovely-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas_00426816/

8 unique wedding gifts every couple will love

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

Credit: iStock

Finding the perfect gift for a bride and groom can be challenging, but here are a few ideas that'll work every time.

Having to consider and buy a good (and let’s be honest, fancy) gift when there’s over a hundred beautifully wrapped gifts next to yours is daunting. Most couples have registries to help guide their friends gift purchases. 

However, when you're invited to a registry-less wedding (or you just want to think outside the box), do not fear, here are a few ideas on what to give the new couple:

1.    Personal DIY gift
Sounds a cheap and last-minute ploy, but if you’ve put thought into the gift, it’ll definitely show. If you’re good with your hands and enjoy making things, you can put your talent to good use. If you’re looking for any ideas, check out our DIY section.

2.    Giving back
Are the couple in question very charitable? By giving back to their favourite charity or organisation it will definitely give them (and you) a happy heart. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

3.    Home accents with a difference
A vase may be just a vase, but it does not necessary have to look an ordinary vase. Home accents are probably the most common wedding gifts to give, so why not splurge on something a couple would not necessary think to buy a plate inspired by tropical leaves or a hanging vase. Think modern and unique.


    Gift cards
It’s noted as being better than money (well, almost), but buying a gift card at a decor or furniture store is a great gift since the receiver gets to choose from a selection of items. It may sound a fast, thoughtless gift, but it can honestly go a long way. Another plus is that it’s also a great gift size-wise – you won’t have to drag any big, bulky packages around.

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5.    Make an Instagram album

Why not make an album with all their cute couple selfies and holiday snaps to celebrate their journey together? There are so many different ways you can do this. We love Nifty250. They print out and send you your selected Instagram snaps.

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6.    Games
They’re young and in love, so who says buying a board game is not a good gift for a newlywed couple? It’s perfect for those quiet nights when it’s just the two of them with a glass of wine in hand, music in the background and a fun board game to get the laughter going.

Buy it now from Superbalist for R499

7.    Mr & Mrs gifts
Yes, it’s quite cliché, but considering that this is probably one of the only occasions where you can get away with it, they'll probably love it. Whether they are towels, mugs, robes, or bed slippers it'll definitely be used and cherished by the bride and groom.

8.    Quirky stylish ornaments
I don’t know about you, but I love ornaments. They are completely useless, but they bring so much pleasure and originality to a any room.

I always wonder where people get some of their weird ornaments a pig drinking Coke or a horse cigarette holder. Just be weary that not all couples will love something quirky, so find something that will suit the couple’s taste.

Superbalist have a great range of weird and awesome things.

NOTE: This is a risky option, as the couple might not ideally your gift and you wouldn't want them to guiltily dig your gift out whenever you come visiting.

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Source: https://www.w24.co.za/Style/Bride/Perfect-wedding/8-unique-wedding-gifts-every-couple-will-love-20160505

50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas – Best Off-Registry Wedding Gifts

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special


With wedding season on the horizon, you may find yourself in an all-too-familiar pattern, spending weekends logging online to shop your friends' registry only to realize that the same random dishware, appliances, servingware, or basic bed and bath options remain for you to gift the bride and groom to be.

While going around the wedding registry is typically passé, we've rounded up ideas that will have the newlyweds in awe of your taste level, and (hopefully) grateful you skipped their wish list. Stop stressing about finding the perfect wedding gift—we've got you covered. Here, 50 chic and unique wedding gifts to splurge on.

Designer Toaster

Smeg bergdorfgoodman.com


Sure, the bride and groom probably registered for a toaster, but level up your gift with a designer stainless steel option that will dress up their kitchen in ways they weren't expecting. 

1 of 51

Beach Days

Kim Seybert barneys.com


Go against the grain of all-white place settings and look for unusual textures and engaging patterns.

2 of 51

Cheese, Please

Murray's Cheese zola.com


For foodie friends, give them something you know will surprise and delight them each month as they settle into newlywed life.

A cheese of the month club may sound, well, cheesy; but, serving up a monthly selection of gourmet fromage will give them something to enjoy together, as well as when entertaining friends.

Bonus points for the gift giver that also sends along a cheeseboard and knife with this gift, ideally from the couple's registry. 

Murray's Cheese of the Month Club, starting at $274.99 for 4 months

3 of 51

A Luxe Chess Set

AERIN neimanmarcus.com


After months of parties and celebrations, it's time for a fun night in. A chess set, handcrafted and sleek, looks as great on a coffee table for decor as it does for game night.

4 of 51


Give the gift of BAZAAR Bride, the most fashionable bridal resource online—and the ultimate membership for the newly engaged.


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Gem Stone Slice Coasters

ANNA by RabLabs annanewyork.com


Naturally beautiful, this coaster set is organic, handmade, and edged in silver to sit proudly on any coffee table or bar cart.

6 of 51

Color Me Mine

KitchenAid amazon.com


While a kitchen appliance seems the obvious choice for a wedding gift, the colors that KitchenAid now offers can make this appliance a welcome and unexpected choice. Choose a color that best suits the couple's personality for a classic gift that still thinks outside the box. Expert tip: Add a recipe book or two if you really want to go all out. 

7 of 51

Chef's Table

Mauviel amazon.com


Foodies will ly register for these, but for those who don't think to air on the side of both design and practicality, give them a nudge with a set of copper pots that will look just as good on display as they will in use.

8 of 51

Rose Redux

John Derian bergdorfgoodman.com


In rich tones of tuberose, this elegant cushion can read feminine, eclectic, or as an accent in any newlywed home.

9 of 51

Light Reading

Assouline assouline.com


Whether the couple enjoys travel, fashion, art, or food, a luxurious coffee table book will be cherished and well-received. Be conscious of color palette when picking your tome–couples are more ly to display a beautifully-presented book on their coffee table if it works within the overall look of their space.

10 of 51

A Personalized (and Smart) Suitcase Set

AWAY awaytravel.com


Have the newlyweds travel in style–from their honeymoon to their newly married adventures. Not only are there two USB charging ports within these suitcases (say goodbye to searching for outlets at the airport), but the interior laundry bag and compression system maximizes the amount you can pack while keeping items organized and wrinkle-free.

11 of 51

Cashmere Throw

Zoeppritz amara.com


Make a couple feel right at home no matter where they live. Cashmere will add a luxurious sophistication–making their couch all the more cuddle-worthy.

12 of 51

Cocktail Party in a Box

Baccarat bloomingdales.com


Opting for ideas a couple would never indulge in, crystal barware, will encourage them to entertain and keep the celebration going–whether it's just for the two of them on a night in, or when hosting dinner parties as newlyweds.

13 of 51

Let Them Eat Cake

MacKenzie-Childs amara.com


A hostess, Southern Belle, or lady who lunches will love anything that adds height and polish to a table, but she'll also recognize that when the stand isn’t being used for sweet treats, it can double as a jewelry or trinket display.

14 of 51

Quality Cuts

Berti Cutlery barneys.com


Handmade kitchenware will have your newlywed friends looking bonafide gourmands, and might inspire many more nights in.

15 of 51

Posh Plates

LaDoubleJ ladoublej.com


Couples will ly register for their dream china, but they'll appreciate chic options they can use daily and mix and match with their finer sets.

16 of 51

Light My Candle

Fornasetti barneys.com


Step aside basic candles, these beautiful options by Italian painter and engraver, Piero Fornasetti, have unique and whimsical designs that are glazed onto ceramic vessels. Not only is the candle hand poured with 100% vegetal wax in Italy, but once the candle has burned away, the jar remains as beautiful decoration for the couple’s new home.

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Dinner is Served

Harbour Trading Co. harbourtrading.com


Instead of a keepsake, give your friends an experience they'll enjoy, a cozy night in spent cooking together. Harbour Trading Co. provides fresh fish (caught within 72 hours!) and delivers directly to your doorstep, along with entire meal prep instructions and farmed vegetables and natural ingredients for sides. We suggest you include a bottle of rosé at drop off.

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Photo Opps

Leica redirectingat.com


A picture is worth a thousand words—and even more, when a camera can instantly send photos to your smartphone for immediate social media sharing. 

19 of 51

Sleek and Chic

Jonathan Adler neimanmarcus.com


A timelessly chic barware set is not only functional, but also a great statement to any bar cart or kitchen setting. Entertaining guests or not, these tools will have couples feel mixology pros when crafting cocktails.

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Island in the Sun

Gray Malin bergdorfgoodman.com


Gray Malin is known for his colorfully chic photographs and prints; surprise and delight your friends with a set of chic beach towels to inspire a future vacation, or to pack as a honeymoon accessory. 

21 of 51

Netflix & Chill

Sennheiser redirectingat.com


Newlywed bliss sometimes translates into one of you laying up at night dying to watch a movie and the other fast asleep. Problem solved; a pair of digitally wireless headphones keeps the room quiet, and the all-nighter entertained. The innovative technology of these ensures that the transmission is clear and crisp, with listening modes that can be controlled directly on the headphones.

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Lean Back

Sasha Bikoff Interior Design sashabikoff.com


Give something versatile that can suit multiple spaces in a couple's home—and choose one-of-a-kind fabrications for a gift that really stands out from the pack, this pillow designed from a vintage Hermes scarf.

23 of 51

Stellar Service

Carrara 1stdibs.com


Home goods, especially sleek and useful ones, are always a good idea. A marble tray is easy to incorporate into any home and is perfect for a coffee table, desk or nightstand display.

24 of 51

Around the World

Z Gallerie zgallerie.com


Oh the places the couple will go…or plan to go! With this dramatic world globe, they'll have fun keeping track and dreaming up all the destinations they plan to explore together.

25 of 51

Sip & Show Off

Waterford waterford.com


While large scale dinner parties won't merit anything more than basic flutes, these fun coupes are best pulled out during the holidays, or for intimate cocktail hours at home.

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Linen Bedsheets

Parachute Home parachutehome.com


Linen bedsheets in a soft hue buff, ivory, or dove grey bring a cozy, textural feel to any master suite.

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The Perfect Cake Stand

Seletti Moriana seletti.us


A super chic cake stand will wow your guests when it's time for dessert, but they can also be used as to create a chic display on your vanity; showcase jewelry, fragrances and sentimental objet when they aren't being used for entertaining. 

28 of 51

Champagne High

Zanchi 1952 artemest.com


This stunning piece of functional decor will enrich a dining table, adding lavishness to any special occasion that the newly weds host. The structure holds a champagne bottle at an angle, thanks to its one-of-a-kind housing: a piece of horn entirely handcrafted and finished with a natural wax polish. 

29 of 51

Marbelized Vases

Buy one or more chic urns that can serve as at-home ornaments when they're empty, and entertaining centerpieces when full of flowers.

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Source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/wedding/planning/g7719/unique-wedding-gift-ideas/

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

Do you have your friend’s wedding coming up and you’re now confused what to get the couple that will surely leave them happy?

Well, here is a list of a handful of creative and thoughtful gifts that will make your gift different from the others and will be useful for the married couple as well.

1. Old Havana plates

The married couple will surely be getting a lot of dinner sets, teapot sets, and plate sets.

So instead of opting for those traditional sets, you can gift the couple colorful and bright Havana plates.

Not only are such plates microwave and dishwasher friendly, but they’re also a cool addition to the table during meals.

2. Suitcase set for the couple

If you know the happy couple to be big fans of travel and adventure, then you should opt for a luggage set.

If you think that the set isn’t really a personal touch, then you can throw in some custom luggage tags with their wedding date.

So, every time they pack up for a trip, you’ll surely come to mind seeing that suitcase.

3. Belgian waffle maker

We’re all aware of the importance of the day’s first meal. So, as a good friend, you can ensure that the couple starts off their morning right with kitchenware essentials.

You can be sure that with a waffle maker at their disposal, the couple will surely be using it frequently.

Plus, they’ll be able to decide on the crispiness they want, and they’ll never turn to frozen waffles ever again thanks to you!

4. Gift cards

Another gift you can consider giving is a gift card for a place that the couple will be going to during their honeymoon.

For example, people have reported getting gift cards for Disneyland. If you don’t find this too impressive, then you can also add in a keychain of a bride and groom figures.

5. Table lamp

You must be thinking, what’s so special about a table lamp.

Well, we’re not talking about gifting any ordinary lamp. Instead what we are proposing is a neon heart-shaped table lamp.

You can be pretty sure that they won’t have a heart-shaped sign and this unique decorative lamp would only add to their room’s décor.

6. Tickets to any event

The options, in this case, are endless. Surely, the married couple would love at least something whether it is a band, a musical, a comedy show, or even a sports game.

So for instance, you could check out if their favorite band is touring nearby and gift them tickets for their concert.

Similarly, if the couple is a fan of musicals and soap operas and the Broadway cast is touring, then tickets to those would also be great!

7. Bedding set

You can never go wrong with this. After all, who doesn’t love to sleep?

Gift the couple a set of cosy sheets and see how grateful they are to you!

Worried about the couple not liking the material or color? There’s no need! Just go with a neutral color along with pure 100% Egyptian cotton.

8. Customized star map poster

This is something truly unique and adds more sentimental value for the couple. Plus, it won’t cost much as well! What we’re talking about is putting their love in a poster.

Simply opt for a cool customized poster that features an authentic astrology map.

On the poster, you can either get a certain place, or a particular date of your choice mapped. So, you could either commemorate their engagement or you could have a poster of the night of their wedding day made and gifted to them later.

Want to have a happier, healthier marriage?

If you feel disconnected or frustrated about the state of your marriage but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, the marriage.com course meant for married couples is an excellent resource to help you overcome the most challenging aspects of being married.

Take Course

Source: https://www.marriage.com/blog/gift-ideas/gifts-for-weddings/

Things To Do On Your Anniversary That Are Romantic And Fun

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

There are many possible romantic things you can do to celebrate the very important milestone that is the wedding anniversary. In order to offer a selection of ideas that will cater to almost any style and circumstance, we have listed a range of activities here for you to choose from. We would also love to hear any other ideas you have that our friends and readers might appreciate.

And Happy Anniversary!

1. Start your celebration early. The night before the big day, prepare a delicious breakfast in advance; perhaps pastries or fruit with champagne. Then get up early on the special day and go out together to view the sunrise before you enjoy a romantic early morning meal as a couple.

2. If a super early start to the day doesn't appeal to you, why not try spending the day in bed instead? Spend this special time together relaxing, chilling out, and taking the time to really talk to each other and enjoy each other's company for a change.

Alternatively, treat your loved one to a special breakfast in bed, pampering them and letting them sleep in. This is a wonderful and thoughtful surprise for a partner who always has to be up early for work or to care for children.

When s/he goes for a bathroom stop, place their anniversary gift under the pillow.

3. Enjoy a beautiful sunset together for a romantic end to the day. Pack a delicious picnic full of all your favorite foods and drinks, and journey to a place that is special to you both to appreciate the natural splendor.

4. Turn your home into a DIY massage parlor. Your bedroom is the ideal location to light some scented candles, dim the lights, turn on some relaxing music, and get out the luxurious massage oils to treat your partner to the gift of a sensual and pampering spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

5. Revel in each other's company while taking a romantic shower together. You can be sensual in whichever way you choose, whether just washing each other's hair, rubbing shower gel into your partner's back, or something a little more physical.

6. Take a romantic bath together by candlelight. Use luxurious bubble bath and bodywash products with gorgeous aromas, and enjoy a glass of champagne or wine while you relax together in the warm water.

7. Turn your home into a picnic spot. If you are celebrating a winter anniversary, it may not be the perfect weather to enjoy a romantic meal al fresco.

Instead, set up a rug indoors by the fireplace or by candlelight, and unpack a hamper filled with all your favorite foods.

Feast on gourmet delights and wash them down with a glass or two of wine knowing that you won't have to worry about how you're going to get home!

8. Make out! It may sound silly, but sometimes you can forget how much you enjoyed kissing your partner when you were first together. Relive those early exciting days with a romantic make-out session.

9. Surprise your partner with a romantic meal for two. Cook their favorite meal, or rustle up an unexpected gourmet delight. Alternatively, why not prepare a special dinner that you have enjoyed together, perhaps for your first date or at your wedding reception?

10. Take a trip to the movies, but don't go to watch the screen! Choose a movie at an off-peak time which has been in the theaters for a while. If you are lucky, you'll find that you're the only people at the screening, so you can enjoy the privacy of a virtual home cinema where you can hold hands, kiss and enjoy the movie in your own way.

11. If going to the movies isn't your thing, why not have a movie night at home? Pick something you'll both enjoy, perhaps a fun comedy, and chill out together.

12. Flowers are the perfect romantic gift, so why not buy a bouquet for your partner with a note attached expressing how much you love them? For a special romantic touch, for either him or her, hide single blossoms around your home for them to discover, each with its own love letter or note, or scatter rose petals on your bed for a truly romantic feel.

13. Spice up your love life by trying a few different sexual positions. If boring missionary has become standard in your relationship, have a look at the kama sutra and discover some exciting new ideas that will liven things up in the bedroom.

14. If you want to liven up your sex life, why not try having sex somewhere unexpected and different? Give the boring bedroom a rest and try out somewhere a little more unusual to bring some excitement to your special day.

15. Decorate your home with framed photos of you both throughout your relationship. From the earliest couple shots to your wedding day, and right up to the present, you can reminisce together about all your favorite moments.

16. Relive your wedding day by revisiting all your old wedding photo albums, or perhaps by watching your wedding video. Enjoy remembering your big day with the accompaniment of a bottle of champagne and some delicious sweet or savory treats.

17. Create a new treasured memento of your anniversary by booking a couples photo session with a local photographer. You can display your beautiful new pictures around your home for years to come, or perhaps keep a private collection of boudoir shots as a romantic treat to enjoy together.

18. Book a night in a hotel. You don't need to go far from home; simply reserve a room at a local venue and send an invitation for your partner to meet you there. When they arrive, have the room beautifully decorated with candles, rose petals and a hot bubble bath for two.

19. For those who love the great outdoors, take some time to go camping together. Enjoy each other's company under the stars and revel in the glory of nature while rekindling your passion.

20. Find an activity that both of you would enjoy, and book yourselves into a class together. Perhaps you'd to try cooking, dancing, or learning a musical instrument? Whichever you choose, developing a new skill together is a wonderful way to rekindle intimacy and spend time in each other's company.

21. If you are going for a special meal at a restaurant, or even if you are just staying at home, arrange for a special piece of music to be played so that you can dance romantically together.

You could select the track used for your first dance at your wedding, a song that you have sung together, or perhaps a tune that was playing when you met.

It is sure to surprise your partner and make the evening memorable.

22. Use your special day as an opportunity to enjoy a new and exciting experience with your partner. If you are both intrigued by adventure and love the thrill of a challenge, try skydiving, parachuting, or skiing as a couple.

23. For a less adrenaline-filled activity, try something unusual but romantic instead. Why not book a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, a special wine tasting experience, or a gourmet meal at an exotic restaurant?

24. If you have been married for a long time, why not consider having a renewal of vows ceremony to strengthen your bond and rekindle your love for each other?

25. Although it may not seem a particularly romantic idea, your partner will truly appreciate it if you take the effort to help with tasks that you never normally do around the house. Perhaps take over with cooking the dinner, helping out with the kids, or doing the laundry. Your partner will love it!

26. Write a romantic love letter and hide it somewhere in your home where your partner is sure to find it. They will be surprised and touched by your thoughtfulness.

27. Buy the special lady in your life some beautiful, sexy lingerie as an anniversary gift, and enclose a note promising a special evening together. Or why not buy her a gorgeous new outfit and arrange for her to meet you for a romantic meal together?

28. Telephone a radio station that you know your partner listens to and ask them to play a special romantic love song for your anniversary.

29. The unexpected is always romantic. Why not learn how to play a special song on a musical instrument, or take a dance class, and then surprise your partner with your wonderful new skills?

30. There are several romantic board games designed to be played in the bedroom. Buy one and spend the evening playing together (eg, twister or strip chocolate / chess / checkers).

31. Plan a special weekend away from home as a surprise for your partner. Make sure that you have everything in place so that you can both just jump in the car and drive away. If you are short of money, don't worry about booking an expensive exotic trip. Simply reserve a room at a local B&B and walk there together. Your partner will be amazed when you arrive at your destination.

32. Spend some quality time together as a couple. Arrange to take the day off work, ignore your phone, and leave your emails unanswered. Enjoy the day by yourselves, simply appreciating each other's company, and get in touch again with the true meaning of your lives together.

33. Recreate your first date together. Even if you live in a different town, you can still keep to similar themes and relive the same activities that you enjoyed that day.

However you spent that first evening, you can recapture the fun and excitement of those moments by eating fast food, watching a silly movie or going ten pin bowling.

In whatever way you spent that day, you can conjure up old sentimental feelings by reliving similar experiences.

34. Theme your gift to the anniversary that you are celebrating. Each year has its own symbol, for example, paper for the first anniversary, silver for the 25th and gold for the 50th. Customize a special gift for your partner around this theme. For a comprehensive overview on anniversary gift ideas for each anniversary celebration, see our footer heading: Anniversary Gifts by Year.

35. Use window markers and decorate your partner's car with love messages and pictures, or cover it with flowers for a sweet and unexpected way to mark your anniversary.

Source: https://www.eternityrose.com/things-to-do-on-your-anniversary

Is a Gift Necessary When Someone Remarries?

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

Weddings celebrate the decision between two people who love each other and decide to make a lifetime commitment, making this a great opportunity to offer gifts. However, some factors can be confusing.

With the rise in the number of second (and third or fourth) weddings, you might have questions about the proper etiquette of bringing or sending a gift. Remember that this is a new start for this couple. It's never bad form to give a gift, so if you're ever in doubt, act on the side of generosity.

If the bride or groom has been married before, you don’t have an obligation to give them a gift. However, it is still a nice thing to do, whether or not you attend their wedding. A gift is part of the celebration and shows that you are thinking of them on their special day. It also shows your support for their new life together.

The type of gift may be different from something you would give to a couple who has never been married before. Chances are, their household is already set up. They have all the toasters and kitchen gadgets they need, and their bathroom is probably well stocked with towels and linens. If you give them more pots and pans, they might not have room for them. 

If you're on a limited budget, you may want to go in with others for a nice gift. Coworkers can throw a nice luncheon and take a collection for a gift card. There is nothing wrong with being creative with gifts, such as babysitting for children from a previous marriage or adding extra money for the honeymoon.

Find out if the couple has registered at a store and choose something from the registry. If they haven’t, consider a gift card to their favorite restaurant or event you know they will both enjoy. A gift card for a couple's massage or dinner cruise will probably be appreciated. Some couples may have everything they need and request a contribution to a charity or special cause.

Additional wedding gift ideas for second marriages:

  • Couples cooking lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Golf or tennis lessons
  • Movie theater gift cards
  • Home decor store gift card
  • Hardware store gift card
  • Personalized barbecue set
  • Personalized stemware
  • Crystal vase or serving dishes
  • Personalized towels
  • Personalized doormats, door hangers, or mailbox covers
  • A month (or more) of housecleaning service
  • A month (or more) of lawn care or landscaping
  • Monthly subscription for something they both enjoy (wine, chocolate, fruit, or other food the couple enjoys)

If the couple has children from a previous marriage, you may want to include a family gift, such as a gift card for dinner out at a family-style restaurant, tickets to a theme park, or a gift basket filled with foods and family activities such as movies, music, snacks.

If the couple has absolutely everything they need, they may request “no gifts.” This doesn't mean you're off the hook on giving them something. Generosity is still in order.

Find out what their favorite charity is and donate to it in their honor. This may be a gift or money for an animal shelter, overseas mission, water for underdeveloped countries and communities, or health research organizations.

Just make sure the charity is something the couple endorses and believes in.

If you are in doubt about a specific gift item, ask. It's always better to give them something they want and can use than something they'll only pull out when you visit.

If you are attending the wedding of someone who has been married before, you'll need to be sensitive about the feelings of both the bride and groom. This is a brand new relationship with a couple trying to get a fresh start in life.

 Don't bring up the first wedding during the ceremony or reception, even if something funny or interesting happened. Don't repeat the gift you gave either of the people for their first marriage.

That would be insulting and embarrassing.

Source: https://www.thespruce.com/is-a-gift-appropriate-for-a-second-wedding-1216870